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For one tone only:

  1. Chose a colour from "Colour 1" list
  2. Chose "One Tone Only" from "Colour 2" list


For two tone;

1. Chose 1 colour from each "Colour 1" and "Colour 2"


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a colour that isn't show. 


Other colours not shown - Lavender, Hot Pink, Bright Yellow, Fluro Green, Red


Has a band approx. 15-20cm, suits both an adult and child with ribbon.

(Colours may look different on a computer or phone screen compared to real life)


**Do not over stretch the elastic. Breakage may occur if the elastic is over stretched. Depending on hair thickness 2-3 twists of the elastic is optimal.

Ribbon Scrunchies

  • Your selected item has been carefully and thoughtfully handmade. Due to the nature of handmade items your item size may be slightly different to the measurements shown. While all care is taken to ensure all sizes are the same there can be small variations.


    Print placement may vary from that shown in the photo. 


    Unfortunately a computer screen doesn’t show the true colour of a print/fabric. While I try to get photos to show as true a colour as possible and use minimal or no editing, the product can show a little different in certain lights. 

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