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Resin 20cm Ruler

Available in a WIDE range of glitters, micas, acrylic paints, cute little butterflies and so much more!

Completely customized. 


Have a theme you want to do? Contact me and I can see what I can do! 


20.8cm long x 2.8cm wide (approx. 2mm thick at thickest point)


While this product is online, I strongly suggest you DM to order (or to ensure you get the product you want :) 


These are not a stock item, they will be made to order so please allow at least 7 -10 days plus postage.

Remember; each item in handmade so will be unique and vary slightly from original example. 

NOTE: Bending or applying force to your ruler will break it. They are thin and like any plastic ruler; will snap. Pretty Stitches takes no responsiblity for rulers breaking due such handling.

Resin Ruler - 20cm

  • Your selected item has been carefully and thoughtfully handmade. Due to the nature of handmade items your item size may be slightly different to the measurements shown. While all care is taken to ensure all sizes are the same there can be small variations.

    Unfortunately a computer screen doesn’t show the true colour of a print/fabric. While I try to get photos to show as true a colour as possible and use minimal or no editing, the product can show a little different in certain lights. 

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