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100% quilters cotton, which is soft against babies skin.


Backed with 400gsm 100% cotton terry towel for a lovely soft absorbent layer.


Easy to iron and wash which is a must for baby.


SIZE: approx. 48cm long x 21cm wide


Remember to check out the new print release bibs to get a matching pair!


Note: Please note this product is not waterproof and liquid has the potential to soak through backing.


So many prints available. Checkout the rest of the range here

Koalas & Gum Leaves - Burp Cloth

  • Your selected item has been carefully and thoughtfully handmade. Due to the nature of handmade items your item size may be slightly different to the measurements shown. While all care is taken to ensure all sizes are the same there can be small variations.

    Print placement may vary from that shown in the photo. To have the print in the same place on all products requires "fussy" cutting which uses a lot more fabric and time. If you wish for something specific please contact me for a quote, please keep in mind it will be more expensive due to time and amount of fabric required.

    Unfortunately a computer screen doesn’t show the true colour of a print/fabric. While I try to use natural lighting and minimal or no editing for photos, the product can show a little different in certain lights. 

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