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Please make sure you carefully read the care instructions for each individual product which can be found in product information. 

(Remember our products are handmade so please treat them with the same care in which they were made)


        Burp Cloths, Bibs and Change Table Mats

  • Gentle warm hand or machine wash, do not exceed 30 Deg 

  • Can be ironed.

  • Do not dry clean

  • Do no tumble dry

  • Do not bleach

While PUL (the waterproof layer) is waterproof, any part that's been sewn has the potential to leak.

Please ensure if it is soaked through, you change the bib to keep baby dry.

Do not leave on an unattended baby.

Any bibs with thick towelling are recommended fo use on the cooler days as they can get quite hot for baby.

Please take care with your product when washing to avoid shrinkage. Colours may bleed (specially dark and bright colours) so please wash with like colours. 

All items are handmade and proudly Australian made.

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