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Pencil case or makeup case? The possibilities are endless for this one for all ages. 


Pencil case for school or work. Enough room to put your phone and keys in there too. 

Need to put your lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and mascara somewhere so it's not floating at the bottom of your bag?

Gift to dad or partner for all their pens that usually float around the floor of his ute/car. 

Gift to mum or that avid sewer/crafter in your life to keep their favourite notions in.


Made from 100% cotton poplin or drill and had a light weight interfacing for a little bit of structure. What I love about they case not having too much structure is it changes shape to fit a range of items!



  • this product is not waterproof so if you are using to keep liquids or cosmetic in, please keep that in mind.
  • the zipper cases made from drill do have more structure than the poplin which is a thinner material.  


Don't forget if you see a print on another item in the store and would like to see it as this case to contact me for a price and availability. 


SIZE: approx. 6cm wide x 21cm long x 7.5cm high but remember because it doesn't have stiff interface in it, it has movement in it so it's not limited to that size.


Ask me about personalization too! 


(Flamingo print is currently out of stock. If interested in this print please don't hesitate to contact me)

Zipper Case

  • Your selected item has been carefully and thoughtfully handmade. Due to the nature of handmade items your item size may be slightly different to the measurements shown. While all care is taken to ensure all sizes are the same there can be small variations.

    Print placement may vary from that shown in the photo. To have the print in the same place on all products requires "fussy" cutting which uses a lot more fabric and time. If you wish for something specific please contact me for a quote, please keep in mind it will be more expensive due to time and amount of fabric required.

    Unfortunately a computer screen doesn’t show the true colour of a print/fabric. While I try to use natural lighting and minimal or no editing for photos, the product can show a little different in certain lights. 

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