DIY Bows

After giving my daughter some left over fabric to draw on, I didn't have the heart to throw it out, so I made it into bows!

You can do the same for your own daughter/son! Let them design their own bow/bow tie. 

This is a wonderful idea to preserve and most importantly DISPLAY your childs art!


  1. Purchase a ready made WHITE bow approx. 4 inches x 2.75 inches in size with an alligator clip. The clip can be sent separately for you to put on after or already attached.

  2. Let your little artist decorate their bow. You can use crayons or textas. 

  3. If your clip isn't already attached, attach clip and put in your child's hair or use as a bow tie.

PRICE $6.00 plus postage

Postage $5.00 (untracked) or $10 (tracked)



  1. I send you a tube of white fabric and a little extra for the middle section.

  2. Have your little artist decorate the fabric. You can use crayons or textas (any other medium may cause damage to the fabric or make it too stiff to fold into a bow (such as paint). 

  3. Send fabric back to me (at your own cost, if you are local you are welcome to pop in a bag or the original envelope and leave in my mailbox (address supplied at time of order).

  4. I will make the bow for you, attach and secure the clip and send it back to you!

This option will be easier to draw on but costs a little extra.

PRICE $11 plus final postage

(This is for the bow and untracked postage of the fabric for you to draw on)

Postage $5.00 (untracked) or $10 (tracked)



Already have some fabric at home you'd like to turn into a bow? Whether it is of your childs art or just a piece of old clothing you once loved and want a memento?

  1. Post fabric to me (at your own cost). Please ensure fabric piece is at least 10 x 7 inches.

  2. I will make your bow and secure the clip to it and post it back to you. 

PRICE $5.20 plus postage

Postage $5.00 (untracked) or $10 (tracked)


Option 1, because the bow is ready made, it may be tricky to draw on, please help small children to ensure no damage is done to the bow. 

Option 2, there will be raw edges on the fabric, so please handle with care. If damage occurs to raw edges, fabric may need to be trimmed down resulting in a smaller bow. Please note that the art drawn on the fabric will not be shown in full once the bow is folded and cinched. 


If attaching clip yourself it is recommended you use a small amount of hot glue to secure. Otherwise clip can fall out quite easily. ​

Remember not to wash or get your bow/bow tie wet, especially if you've used washable textas.

If clip gets wet it may cause rust. 

Clip is 45mm long.

Tracked postage is recommended. No responsibility is taken by Pretty Stitches for lost or damaged items when untracked postage is used. 

Full payment is required upfront for all options.

Please ensure bow is not left on an unsupervised child as it may pose a choking hazard.